My home is out of control

- mum

My wardrobe has become a floordrobe,

The plastics are multiplying without consent, 

And I think Mr Potato Head is throwing raves in the kid’s room…

Book your home into therapy

(its them, not you)
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How we can help out with your home:

Decluttering & Small Projects

You need either one or a few small tasks around the home done so you can take them off your To-Do list

Relocate or Rejuvenate

You’re either moving into a new home and want a fresh start or are simply keen as to have new systems and less clutter in your home


Home Concierge

You want the home to run smoothly and someone else to lend a hand to stay on top of it all


Client Love


"Trustworthy & professional"

"Wonderfully organised"


Number of home projects completed so far in 2018


 We love organising busy households.

When it comes to organising your home, 

it can be overwhelming even just knowing where to start​.

Call us. We can help.

“I have tried talking to them, but they have stopped listening.”


We come into your home and work 1:1
with each area

No matter how long it has been,

there is always the chance to turn over a new leaf.

We don’t judge. 

Judgement Free

No weird looks, whispers, “oh dear” or tutts. Your home is as individual as you. We are all about helping.

We do the running around for you

You love being organised and yet your life is travelling at the speed of light. We do the running around and organising for you. No task is too small when it comes to your home.

“They won’t admit the problem.”


We have proven strategies to help them out.

We speak with you to understand what is stressing you out

and put clear structures in place for your home.

“Will my home be in therapy for life?”


Organising is not a set-and-forget job​

It may feel like change is impossible it at this stage,

but when it comes to  organising it’s like gardening.

You have to maintain it. If you leave it for a long time it may be harder, but never impossible. 

 We can pop in just once, or if you just hate ‘home gardening’ a few times a year.


“My home is pretty bad… like really bad.”


Number 1 rule: no judgement

Your home is as individual as you are.
We are all about chatting it through and coming up with the best plan for your own home.


“Shouldn’t my cleaner do this?”


We are all on your home team

Your  cleaner is flat-chat looking after the Surfaces, Mirrors, Floors and Dust.
That’s a pretty big job and an expert field all in itself.
We love cleaners (even if that cleaner is just you) and want to work with them.


Calm attracts Calm

Check out our packages to help get you home back in order.

(if you can’t find something just call – we are super friendly)

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