Zero waste when you have zero time

Gah! Another thing to keep up with?


So you have started decluttering your home.

You have taken on the minimalism approach.

And you have read more books and watched more YouTube videos on personal development than you care to admit.


A new movement emerges.

“Zero Waste”.

You can’t help but ask yourself:

“When does this stop?!”

Having worked in hundreds of homes, I see first hand how stressful daily life can be.

From the morning rush to the daily hustle, the evening bedtime routine, and then the late night reflecting on when it could all start to unravel.

Or has it already?

Shhh, we won’t tell if you don’t.


So why all the pressure to keep up with the next “movement”, you ask?

The thing is, now-a-days we live in an instant society.

Everyone needed everything YESTERDAY.  

But at the same time, we’re growing more conscious of looking after the planet.

We want to be good humans.

We want to leave the world a better place for our kids.

And we feel the urgency to do it all now.

Kinda like a renovation show – where the rush of dopamine hits and poof, *magic*, it’s all done.

But hey.

If you’ve ever renovated or styled a room though, you will likely be nodding as you’re reading this because you know it doesn’t happen overnight.


So my thoughts on this?


Shift the stress-focused approach to instead seeing zero waste as a positive step forward and a worthwhile movement to get involved with.

See it as a long term journey.

Because it’s not a competition.

It’s not a mandate for immediate action.

And it’s not a fad trend that needs to be plastered across your social accounts.

Fact is (thankfully), it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Everyone can do their bit in minimising, streamlining, and lessening their impact on the environment by making a few simple changes at home – at their own pace.

Head about making small changes in your home to improve.

Learn. Educate.

And do it for you and your kids.

The secret to happiness is that you are always learning. Moving. Growing.

So set the pace appropriately.

Think of it as a long enjoyable walk.

Not a quick and dirty sprint.

To help, here are a few examples of ways to get your household moving in the right direction:


Say bye-bye to all the tiny bin liners

Single use plastics are no good for anyone – not you, not your bins, and not your environment.

So do an audit on all the little bins around the home – bedrooms, bathroom, office.

I get that the main kitchen bin is a whole other step, but the trash from the smaller bins can be emptied into the larger bin (squash that trash down!). 

An easy place to start.


Reusable bags are the future!

Next time you head to the supermarket, make sure you bring your reusable bags along.

You’d be AMAZED how much you fit into two of those beauties, rather than carrying around 6 “hi I’m here to cut off your circulation” plastic bags that end up in our oceans or polluting our planet.

It doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re shopping for a family for a whole year, every single household can have a massive, massive impact.

This one is HUGE if you’re faking it til you make it onboard the clean movement – it gets you serious street cred with the already initiated.


Only buy your fruit and veg unwrapped

I went to the supermarket the other day, and I saw a cauliflower wrapped up in plastic.

A woman picked one up, put it into another plastic veg bag, and then proceeded shopping. WHY on earth does a cauliflower need to be triple bagged? Anyone?

That’s right, because there’s no logical explanation for it. But your fruit and veg al naturale, lose and free. Your reusable bag will give them a good home until they make it onto your dinner table!

All it takes is a few simple changes, and you can get your family on the road to transitioning to “zero waste” without having to go at a gung ho, guns blazing pace that’s just not viable for you.

We have to be realistic and say we may never truly achieve the illusive #ZeroWaste title, but sometimes it’s the little things that count!