Spending Xmas solo? Here are some ideas on what to do

Spending Xmas solo when you really wish you weren’t?

Spending Xmas day solo can feel overwhelming and a terribly long day.

Particularly when all you want is to have a lovely jubbly bunch of people, surrounded by glorious food and presents, having fun and creating memories – like you see in the movies.

Alas, reality hits for this year and it becomes clear that Christmas Day by yourself is either the only option or the best option (spending the day with other people is not always the ideal scenario!).

Whether it’s a family debacle, travelling for work, or you simply find yourself solo on Christmas Day but you’re kinda wishing you weren’t, here are some ideas for the day.

1. Plan the day ahead of time

I only say this because it will keep you off the socials and popping the wine at 10.30 am whilst downing a pudding and custard, leaving you feeling even more terrible by midday (trust me).

Even if your Christmas is cancelled on late Xmas Eve or on Dec 25th itself, get a little game plan together of what you will do on the day.

You may be keen to be super productive an start planning goals for the New Year or dive into getting on top of the the washing, but if you’re feeling a bit down and out, keep it simple. Food, TV, and getting outside. 

2. Plan your snacks and food (+ buy on Xmas Eve if you can)

Do your body a favour and actually eat something kinda healthy and nutritious on the day. Instead of eating a bag of chips for breakfast and then realsing you have nothing left in the house, get to the store for some decent meals and yummy snacks. 

In Australia, most places are closed on Xmas Day, but more and more stuff is staying open. All you really need is a convenience store and/or a takeaway place. Google is your friend.

Plan your main meals (even if it’s just one), and stock up on the snacks!

3. When you get up, get out of bed

Without trying to sound like your mum, get out of bed. Then proceed to make the bed and put some clothes on – even if it’s your comfies.

Having just achieved that one task will start the day on the best footing (so to speak).

Open the curtains and if it’s not too chilly or hot, open the windows (juggling this USA, UK and Australian readership!).

It’s a new day and you will feel better for it – even if you crawl back into bed early afternoon. 

4. Go for a walk or run

If you can get outdoors, do it. 

A bit of exercise will make you feel better. Aim for 30 minutes of walking if nothing else tickles your fancy.

If you’re stuck indoors, pop on a an exercise video – there are loads on YouTube. It will get all those awesome hormones moving to make you feel a spot better.

5. Send some Christmas cheer to your mates

Sending your friends a Merry Xmas on the day will spread the love and make you feel a little less alone. If you’re spending the day solo because of #drama you don’t have to go into it or tell anyone, but we can probably all agree that a few of your friends will be looking down the barrel of dealing with a few unwanted family members so will appreciate the love from you.

A DM, post or SMS is all you need!

6. Keep off the socials if it makes you feel terrible

I don’t know many people who go on Social Media and then feel 10x better after they close the app. It’s usually the opposite.

Just put the TV show on and turn the phone off or put it in another room. Your soul will thank you. Today and in the future.

7. Feeling sad is just one of our many emotions. And it’s okay to feel that way

You don’t have to decide to have a terrible Christmas Day. You can still have good parts. And it may not be filled with loads of people, but it can be a slow, chill day for you to relax. 

Feeling a tad lonely on Christmas Day is often wrapped up with other emotions. Emptiness, nostalgia, regret, anger, frustration, sadness.

We experience a wide range of emotions. And it’s actually okay to sit with the negative ones and let them wash over you (here’s an article which says this much more eloquently than I!).

Just choose stuff that will make you feel better – not worse. Sad music and the likes won’t help, but neither does trying to feign happiness.

Just let the day be what it will be.

And if you have a thought that doesn’t nourish or support you – you can always say “I don’t have to think about this right now” and choose another thought. 

8. It’s called a Holiday. So relax + chill

You don’t need to clean the whole house or get ahead on the washing. Or try and solve the world’s or your family’s problems today.

You are 100% allowed to just mooch on the couch and escape through technology.

Put that phone on airplane mode (stay away from the #drama)

Slather on a face mask.

Binge Netflix shows.

Read some interesting blogs or books.

Naps are also encouraged. 

At the end of the day, it’s another Wednesday or Thursday – despite what the stores will tell you. The sun will rise and set, and this too shall pass. 

Have a slow, chill day with the coolest person you know – you!

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