Speed clean your house for company in five minutes

Company arriving in 5 minutes?! Follow these 5 steps.

Guests popping over with short notice? In-laws stopping by to say hi? Bestie coming in for a cuppa? Cleaning your home when you are on a fast-approaching deadline can be stressful and leave you feeling like you don’t know where to start. Here are my 5 steps for how to speed clean your home when you are short on time, but also don’t want to have the place looking like a complete tip!


1. Close off the bedrooms and rooms guests won’t see (30 seconds)

Know that the guests won’t enter your master bedroom? Shut the doors of all the rooms you are 99.9% sure guests won’t go into. Bedrooms, laundry, closets, and home offices. This may sound obvious, but giving yourself permission to ignore whole rooms and areas will allow you to focus on other areas. It will also stop you from getting sidetracked because simply shutting the door is a visual cue not to enter!


2. Clear the entrance area (1 minute)

Having to kick toys or stuff out of the way as soon as you enter the front door is never a good look. Put items on hooks or in a tub, hide shoes away, or simply move items that have accumulated to a room nearby if you don’t have time to put the stuff in their dedicated home. A quick organise of the front door entrance will let the guest focus on greeting you rather than the potential tripping hazards on the floor!


3. Speed clean the guest toilet (1.5 minutes)

Whatever toilet your guest is most likely to use, clean that one. You just want to give it a quick once-over to ensure they can easily use the toilet and it doesn’t look like the whole household has just brushed their teeth and hubby has just trimmed his beard! 

Wipe down the vanity to remove any toothpaste, water marks or soap suds. Wipe down the top of the toilet and the toilet seat (if you don’t have any cleaning cloths handy just use toilet paper). To instantly make the bathroom look neat, hang up any bath towels and get the bathmat off the floor (you can hang it over the bathtub or shower screen). If you have time, wipe down the vanity mirror removing splashes and streaks. If you are really tight on time, I would skip the vanity mirror and just do the sink, towels and toilet. Most people can appreciate that vanity mirrors can get dirty within a day!


4. Clear the living area (1.5 minutes)

The living area in one home might be the dining area, whereas, for another, it might be the lounge room. If you are tight on time, pick one and do that. If you find yourself with a bit of extra time, you can always head to the second area. 

Having a quick once-over of the living area will make you look like you have it all together. Pick up toys, tuck homework or work away, and pop any washing in the laundry. A quick general organise of removing stuff that has gathered over time in the area will make the space feel cleaner and calmer. Even if it’s all neatly stacked in one area! Key items to clean and free up of stuff include coffee tables, side-boards and chairs and/or lounges.


5. Finish off in the kitchen (30 seconds + extra time)

Kitchens are always messy, so if your guests arrive you can still pop in the kitchen to finish off clearing down the benches as you chat. Also, if they are having a cup of tea you can sneakily still clean the kitchen as you prepare it for them. 


Suddenly have extra time?

If your guests said they would be there in 5 minutes, but time is ticking on, focus on the living areas. Avoid opening doors to new areas, until the main areas are done first. 

And that’s it! Anyone who loves you should look past any mess regardless, but for the houseproud, I know that sometimes you do need to do a quick tidy up before you greet guests at the door.