How to get the house ready for the inlaws Annual Inspection 2020 Edition (Digital)

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A step-by-step guide to get the house ready for Xmas.

A free mini-book explaining what you should ideally clean – and what you can ignore!

Broken down by months, check out the not-so-usual items to clean to get the biggest impact for the least amount of time (and also those annual tasks which you didn’t get around to in Spring…)

Once you order this guide you will be able to download it for 24 hours.
Download it and save it somewhere safe so you can refer back to it over time.
There is a limit of 3x downloads.

Hi, I'm Bec!

Professional Organiser, Bsc (psych) grad and lover of all things home. I believe you can reduce stress in your home and bring in more flow.  I do the deep thinking part + create digital guides for you so you feel inspired and have a clear game plan you can implement. Transforming your home starts with you deciding you want things to change.

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