A Visual Guide to Decluttering

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Ready to level up your home by getting rid of the clutter, but not entirely sure where to start? 
Decluttering is a visual job. It’s a process of looking at what you own and then deciding what you want to keep.
To create a home with less stress and more flow starts with decluttering. Why? Because when we have stuff in our home that no longer makes us happy, looking at it subtly makes us feel out of flow each day. It stops us from using our homes in the way we desire and the visual cue of clutter leaves us feeling overwhelmed.
Decluttering is a series of decisions about almost every item in your home.
This guide is designed to deliver the tools you need to declutter, put you in the right mindset, help you navigate the endless decisions and a fun way to break down the complexity of the process.
Bonus download with each purchase: 5 Steps to Decluttering

How to use this digital guide: 
1. Take what you need. This guide covers a lot of tips and topics, but if there’s just one piece of info you need? Use that.
2. Skip to the bits you want to know first. Answer your burning questions first.
3. Lastly, read it top to bottom (skipping over the bits you already know) to get the whole picture and it will come together for you.

So what is actually in this guide (the nitty gritties)?
  • 33 pages jammed full of tips for YOU as a newb to decluttering. This is focused on giving you the skill of decluttering
  • Tips free of any judgement (after 7 years of working in client’s homes, I have seen it all)
  • What decluttering IS and what it is NOT (super important to define)
  • Where you are right now vs. how you will feel post-declutter (play the longterm game)
  • When in life is the right time to declutter?
  • Decluttering or organising? When to do what?
  • Motivation hacks to get you off the couch
  • Which rooms to tackle first?
  • Game Plan Template
  • How to prepare for your Decluttering Day
  • What categories to create in the sea of stuff
  • What to do if you are stuck on an item
  • What happens in your mind as you declutter
  • What to do if you still have too much stuff
  • What to do with sentimental items
  • When should you sell or donate an item?
Ditch the endless Googling and wondering if you’re ready to make a change. You’re a smart cookie and 100% capable of this.
This is your sign. You can do this. 
Included: Bec’s 5 Step process for decluttering
Once you order this guide you will be able to download it for 24 hours.
Download it and save it somewhere safe so you can refer back to it over time.
There is a limit of 3x downloads.

Hi, I'm Bec!

Professional Organiser, Bsc (psych) grad and lover of all things home. I believe you can reduce stress in your home and bring in more flow.  I do the deep thinking part + create digital guides for you so you feel inspired and have a clear game plan you can implement. Transforming your home starts with you deciding you want things to change.

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