Phone Consults

There is no cookie cutter approach when it comes to organising your home

Due to requests from T.E.O fans – who, like you, are feeling a little overwhelmed with their homes –  we are now offering Phone Consults (yippee!!).


With The Everyday Organiser on your home team, you can focus on spending time doing what you love, with the people you love. Remember all that play time you had as a kid, because everything seemed to magically be done for you? (thanks parentals, we appreciate it, really). 


Well, we’re bringing the magic back. And by magic we mean a lot of hard work behind the scenes and given to you over the phone so that you can get started on organising your own home.


Our Process

First off, it’s important to note that we don’t judge. At all. Zilch. We have seen it all over the last 6 years and are here to help not matter what version of chaos your home is. We get it.


1. Online Q&A: when you book, we have Q&A to complete just so we can get to know you better and create tailored plans for you.

2. 60 minute  consult, 1:1, where I lead you through solutions and mindset for organising your home. This is where we identify what systems can be put in place and give you the motivation to get started.

3. A clear action plan and ideas tailored for you to get started.

Note: as many clients have requested follow up calls as they progress through their projects, we do offer a discount for all follow up calls (we want you to succeed and get it done!).



Who is this for?

Anyone who feels like their home is in a constant state of ebb, and needs more flow. Aaaand a little bit of magic. There is just 1x Bec, and I live in Sydney, so I appreciate that I can’t make it to everyone’s house, but I do LOVE helping people so Phone Consults are that sweet 1:1 package for busy peeps who truly do need help in their home, but are feeling stuck.

If you’re game to get started, but don’t know where to start, our proven strategies and structures will help you out.

Areas where a Phone Consult can help:

– getting started with organisation (does it even exist?)

– HOW to declutter, a systemised approached tailored for your household

– How to create systems in your home

– Bringing your home team together

– Chatting through helping out parents

– Moving home


Also, not to brag or anything, but according to the Bureau for the Challenges of Adulting*, our services are apparently 99.32% successful in saving marriages and minimising household chore disagreements. Just saying.

*OK, not a real place, but we still think you could take those statistics to the bank!

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