Have something that needs a new home?

Note - If you don't USE it or LOVE it - its clutter.

#1 Rule: only donate quality items.

There are loads of fantastic organisations across Australia that can take items you no longer use and give it to someone in need.

If you have poor quality items or waste, contact your local council. 


Bras – The Uplift Project

The Uplift Project is a fantastic one, helping out women is communities where a bra is unobtainable. You can post them in or drop them off. 

Email: nsw@upliftbras.org

Website: http://www.upliftbras.org

General Household Items and Furniture – Vinnies

Who doesn’t love a shop at Vinnies? They can pickup items from you or you can dropoff to them. Electrical, used pillows or stained mattresses are not accepted. 

Phone: (02) 9568 0262 

Website: http://www.vinnies.org.au 

Makeup – The Beauty Bank

For unopened, full size beauty products, The Beauty Bank is all about simple luxuries. Whether its shampoo, razors, body products or makeup, we all know the little things in life can make a huge difference. You can contact them for dropoff points (based in Sutherland NSW).

Email: thebeautybankau@gmail.com 

Website: http://www.thebeautybank.org

Items For Mum and Bubs – Mummies Paying it Forward

How awesome are mums?! This organisation is a well oiled machine. If you have items that are new or hardly used, the team will ensure you items go to a home mums and kids who needs it most. Check out their website for items they accept. There are several dropoff points around Sydney.

Website: http://mummiespayingitforward.com

Work Wear – Wear for Success

Finding something to wear to an interview is always stressful and even more so when you can’t afford it. If you have clothes that fit the bill, you donate them here to make someone else feel fab and confident for their interview. 

Phone: (03) 9078 1750

Email: info@wearforsuccess.org.au

Website: http://www.wearforsuccess.org.au/


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