How to organise your home when life is crazy busy

Life isn’t slowing down

Life is getting busier each year with home life, work commitments and the time needed to nurture the kids into amazing humans. It’s no wonder with the constant pull to do more, see more, and be more, that we are feeling a little bit like a hamster on a wheel. Having seen my fair share of how different homes run over the years, I can confidently say that we are all feeling the dread of daily overwhelm and are keen to live a simpler, but equally fun life.

If you’re wondering where to start when organising your home to help reduce the daily overwhelm, here’s how.

So what is “organising”?

Organising is putting a clear process or system in place to make your life easier.

Containers, folding, labels, trays, baskets, cute labelled, glass jars in a row. There are a million ways to organise any space.

And it’s not about creating that Pinterest-worthy pantry to make you look good in front of your friends.

It’s about creating mini-systems and processes that do the thinking for you, essentially putting your home on auto-pilot.

It’s taking the mental workload out of the equation and following a process that “just works”.


You don’t need a pretty picture of folded sheets. You just need to find the fitted sheet.

Clients often come to me wanting a “Pinterest-worthy” wardrobe, or whatever specific space it is they need help taming. But I will tell you straight up, opening your linen cupboard and knowing exactly where the King Single Fitted Sheet is every single time will make your soul sing.

Cue the hallelujahs.

It’s like the heavens open and beam down rays of sunshine when you no longer have to dig and guess where that pesky sheet ended up. Having a labelled, organised linen cupboard is the mental workload is done for you. A pretty image of folded sheets looks good for the moment you take it, but having a functional space that works for your family is where it’s at. So even if your linen cupboard is not worthy to photograph and put up on social media, if it works for your home, that’s already a success for organised space.


Copy and Paste rarely works

Google, Instagram, and Pinterest provide delicious gold mines of images and ideas on how you can organise a space. However, just because something looks great, doesn’t mean it will last or work for your home.

Like cheap fittings in a bathroom, the initial reaction is “WOW!” Followed by an “oh dear” upon closer inspection.

An organised space can initially look amazing, but if it’s not thought out and well planned, it won’t last.

Creating mini-systems for YOUR house and family takes time and thought. And it is nuanced for each space.

Opening a drawer to put something away too hard? Pop an open basket there.

Clothes falling off hangers all the time? Invest in flocked hangers.

Folded clothes a mess all the time? Get a container to dump them all in.

Create your own version of what organised means to you by creating mini-systems that work for your home.


Create and manage mini-systems.

I am a ‘dump and run’ kinda organised person. There is a chair in my bedroom that I allow to build up with clothes throughout the week and then at the week’s end, I will pop them away. I will never be that person that puts their clothes away every single day. The act of getting into my PJs at the end of the day followed by a chore would kill my soul. Having a mini-system of clothes-to-chair works for my space.

However, if I had a bedroom that was too teeny to fit a chair in, then I would put them away each day. However, the mental energy of putting them away each day would be 100% worth it over a messy and crowded room. Start thinking about what works for you.

Be confident in how you use your space and create systems that work harder than you: Mini systems that make you a happier human.

And that absolutely includes having a junk drawer to quickly clear away the kitchen bench! 


Organising is like gardening. The longer you leave it, the harder it is to maintain it.

Your home runs on processes from the likes of daily washing, walking the dog or getting the kids out the front door – with or without socks. Organising your home is the same. It revolves around processes on a cycle. And the longer you ignore it, the harder it is to pull it back into line. For example, a mini declutter every 3-4 months is much easier than every 12 months. Stuff and junk build up fast.

Keeping on top of it a little bit over time is much easier (and makes you feel better!) than leaving it until the last straw snaps and your whole weekend is spent clearing out endless drawers and cupboards.

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to have it all together, all the time. It takes time and a bit of love to keep a home all in flow.


DIY or hire a Professional Organiser?

Hiring a Professional Organiser can feel like a waste of money because organising is 100% a task you can do yourself. However, hiring someone to do the thinking for you and the leg work of shopping around for the perfect set of containers for your home can be worth its weight in gold. Overhauling a space takes enormous mental and physical energy. From the relentless decision making when decluttering, to even more decisions about layout and flow. Having an extra pair of hands and person to bounce ideas off can expedite the process for you. Just like having an Interior Designer to help brainstorm and think through decisions for you along with their expertise, a Professional Organiser can help you sort out everything behind your cupboard doors in less time and with less stress.