How to clean your home fast

I’m ready, where do I start?

1. Dust top to bottom

2. Clean wet spaces first (bathrooms and kitchens, these are usually the most time intensive and require the most amount of energy)

3. Vacuum all at once (or one level at a time)

4. Mop all hard floors at once (don’t walk on these until they are dry as dirty feet will shorten the life span of the clean by 3-4 days)


What do I need to clean?

Invest in a decent vacuum and your life will change

Miele is my go to brand for their awesome suction and power.

Dyson is great for daily run around, but Miele and Shark are great for deeper cleans.

Avoid going for big, heavy ones and you will dread pulling it out each time. Light, mini, easy to run around. Technology has made vacuuming a breeze. Do your research on Google for reviews. Not just what stock the sales person wants to shift.

A good mop

Again, go with something that is lightweight, but cleans the floors. Checkout online reviews, but keep in mind that there are mops great for daily run around whereas others are better for that weekly/fortnightly/monthly “proper clean”.

The right cleaning agents and scrubbers for each job

No point trying to get soap scum off with a paper towel.

I like to use:

– cotton cloths (like microfiber cloths) for dusting and light scrubbing

– a non-scratch scourer for heavy duty scrubbing

– a creme cleanser for removing build up

– window cleaner for glass

– all purpose cleaner for benchtops and hard surfaces

– floor cleaner for mopping

Not much else. Keep it simple and see where you can use one product in multiple areas.


When should I clean?

Set a schedule. 

I would encourage you to avoid doing bathrooms one day, toilets the next, benchtops the day after. You will feel like you are ALWAYS cleaning.

Do a proper reset of your home. Whether its booking a cleaner or doing it every Saturday AM. Delegate tasks to your home team (a.k.a family) and JFDI (Just Freaking Do IT).

Everyone appreciates the outcome.


How do professional cleaners get it done?

1. Set aside the time (as a guide 1 hour/bedroom, i.e. it will take 1 person, 3 hours to clean a 3 bedroom home)

2. Respect allocated the time slot. Always.

3. Work top to bottom.

4. Start at one end of the room and work your way down. There should be no guessing if you wiped down the side table or not. Stay focused.

5. Vacuum all at once. Mop all at once. No piecemeal approach.

6. Get in. Get out. Pretend it’s someone else’s home. If you find clothes on the floor, just pop them in the laundry basket. We are cleaning. Not doing laundry.

7. Touch a surface once and move on.

8. If something is clean, leave it.

9. Scrub a surface and then wipe clean. No need to do multiple rounds of this.

10. Always try to make the clean quicker, whether its starting with the hardest bathroom first, less power-point changes when vacuuming (save your back), or collecting all the bins in one spot before taking them out.

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