Laundry Symbols Prints

Know what all those little symbols mean

When you don’t know a hot wash from a cold wash or have the time of day to find out, these laundry symbols prints are for you!

With a few funny symbols in there (eg. ‘Do it tomorrow’) this print keeps it light and super simple.

Whether you want it framed or stuck to the back of the laundry door, this print will be there when you need it most.

A4 size. Printed on textured paper 300gsm. Available in Cupcake Pink, Amalfi Green and Sky Blue.

$39.00 AUD


Free Shipping Australia wide. Flat rate shipping AUD$15.00 to USA and UK.


About the designer

Bec is a professional organiser and founder of The Everyday Organiser. Lover of all things home, this laundry symbols print available in blue, pink and green is to help create a home you love and bring a little bit of joy to your everyday.

Designed and printed in Newcastle, Australia


Amalfi green

Cupcake pink

Sky blue


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Newcastle, Australia