All the little things taken care of

When you need help with all the mini projects around the home



15 hours/month

(more hours can be arranged if required)



(min 3 months)

When you have a growing list of things to do around the home, which never seem to get done. Whether you need us for 3 months or a year, we can help you get through them all.

We have been working with busy households for the last 6 years and get that life is hectic. We offer hands on help and take care of it for you.

Whether you need all the wardrobes in your home organised, fresh flowers in the home each week, a helping hand with party setup, or help with shopping, we are on your home team. As we know your home, its easy to have someone who knows where things live and can jump straight into getting the task done.

To get you started we come over for a chat as to what you need, sort out a little bit of paperwork and set you up with plans to get your home on the track you need.

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