Freebies! Yass!

From me to you

Running a busy household in today’s world with social and cultural shifts can leave us feeling overwhelmed and a tad bit stressed. And although wine helps, you need to add practical tools and systems to solve the problems.

I get it.

And after working with many households over the years, there are a few common issues that come up. I want to help you reduce stress in the everyday. Why? Because stress can lead to all sorts of nasty things, both physcially and emotionally.

So to help you out (and so you can get to know me a little!) here are FREE resources for you to HELP you get on top of it all.


MINI BOOK | Get the house ready for the in-laws annual inspection!

Xmas and the holidays are approaching (as it does every year) and its a crazy-busy time of the year with school wrapping up, work deadlines and the end of year parties. It’s full on! And then you have guest coming to stay! Eeep!

In this mini book I give you a practical list of items to clean and organise so your home looks schmick by the time the in-laws arrive. And reduce the amount of “comments” about the house. You’ve got this.