OPEN NOW: A beginners guide to decluttering your home.

A free mini course to give you confidence and get you started with organising your home. 

The first step to getting your home back on track is to declutter (a.k.a do a massive chuck of your stuff). Hold off buying the cute baskets and planning labels because getting the clutter out of the home will make organising a breeze.

If the idea of going through your stuff makes your eyes roll, and you’re wondering where to start when you can’t even see the floor, this is the best place to start.

I’m guessing you have tried a few different tactics to get your home back on track, or perhaps you don’t really ‘get’ what decluttering is.

That’s where this course can help.

I created this 3 day taster so you can understand why your home is the way it is (Hint: you’re not the problem).

Think of it as an introduction to delcuttering. 


Who is this course for?

  • Home CEO’s
  • Pinterest Pinners
  • Crazy-busy humans


Why is decluttering important?

  • Decluttering is always the first step when it comes to organising your home.
  • Learn the skill of decluttering so you will never be back here – at Square 1. 


How does this course help?

By completing this 100% free mini course you’ll get:

  • The 5 Step Decluttering Process
  • The confidence you need to embark on your decluttering journey
  • Understand how the household has changed leaving us burnt out
  • An understanding of whether you should pay for a profesional organiser or aim for DIY
  • A source of truth that you can trust with your questions and concerns


You’ll receive an email each day with an easy-peasy read.

You don’t need to lift a finger, just enjoy the process of thinking about your home differently.


What does this course include?

  • What is decluttering and why is it now a “thing”?
  • Where to start when you can’t see the floor
  • Is minimalism right for you?
  • How Pinterest has changed the game
  • How to spot practical + experienced help
  • Is it better to DIY or outsource? 

Hi, I'm Bec!

I love connecting people to awesome ideas and other humans. I have a degree in Psychology, and love all things home as that's where we rest and spend most of our time! I help out amazing humans with their NDIS plans, write blogs, and create easy-to-read digital guides to give you big and small ideas about how to reduce stress in your home. Welcome to this little corner of the internet. I hope you feel at home here. 

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