Your very own Sprung Cleaning Checklist 2020

An easy-peasy guide to keeping on top of your home this year!

This is a SUPER simple and practical checklist for all of those deep cleaning items that need to be cleaned around your home. From air-con filters in the summer to windows after winter, these are the items that we often forget about, promise ourselves we will do one day, and before you know it we have completed another circle around the sun.

Having an organised home means having a clean home. And one that keeps on ticking over as our lives keep on getting busier!

This list is deliberately short and no fuss. It also has interactive checkboxes and the option to add your own items.

Save it when you save all of your documents on your computer, or to your desktop/mobile homepage to check in on what you have completed or need to do. Or print it and stick it to your fridge. 

Designed for crazy-busy households who never really get around to Spring Cleaning anymore!


Note: Checkboxes may not work on all mobiles. Try on Desktop or Gdrive if it doesn’t work for you.

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