Want to outsource cleaning but not sure where to start?

An e-book with everything you need to know about finding a good cleaner

Bec Bradshaw is an author and professional organiser, who started out in her university days running her own successful cleaning business.

Bec specialises in teaching people how to create a home you love and how reduce the daily overwhelm. You can too by adopting simple, yet effective tools to put your home on auto-pilot.

Cut through the mental workload.

Reduce stress.

Get your weekends back.

The Holy Grail of Finding (and Keeping) an Awesome Cleaner

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Here’s the thing about finding a good cleaner: most people go about it in the wrong way. 

With a few simple tweaks, you can feel EMPOWERED and KNOW how to spot an awesome cleaner, rather than feeling like you are guessing and end up feeling disappointed and frustrated.

For most people, hiring a cleaner can feel a little bit scary at the idea of someone coming into your home and seeing all of your stuff. And to find a cleaner who you actually like can feel like the hunt for the Holy Grail — but here’s the deal: it’s not as daunting as you think.

And I am not talking about interviewing 100 cleaners either. I mean giving you the toolkit to identify an awesome cleaner from the start who will go above and beyond for your home.

You might be wondering, what on earth does hiring a cleaner have to do with organising? Cleaning is the biggest drain on your time when it comes to staying on top of your home. When you have a system for cleaning, it frees up your time for other things. Investing in a good cleaner is worth so much more than just walking in the front door to a clean house. It keeps your home in order.

Having been in hundreds of homes through running The Everyday Organiser and seeing first hand the frustration of clients and other cleaners, this is the condensed 101 of how to find an ah-mazing cleaner.

Excited to get some answers about how to find an amazing cleaner?


About You:

  • Don’t have time to spend your weekend cleaning

  • Want to find a cleaner who just gets the job done


What’s in this book…

How to spot cleaners upfront that don’t care (don’t hire these ones)

How to communicate effectively with your cleaner

How to deal with the awkwardness when it’s not working out

How to search online for an awesome cleaner

How to spot an awesome cleaner before you call them

How to find a cleaner who is the right fit for you

How to know if you are being charged fairly

How to keep an awesome cleaner once you find one


If you’re ready to stop wasting your time with cleaners that aren’t working for you and you want to be in CONTROL of your home team, then grab this book today and start reading!


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