A step-by-step guide to get the house ready for Xmas

A free mini-book explaining what you should ideally clean – and what you can ignore!

Broken down by months, check out the not-so-usual items to clean to get the biggest impact for the least amount of time (and also those annual tasks which you didn’t get around to in Spring…)


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Hi, I'm Bec!

Professional Organiser and lover of all things home. I believe you can create a home you LOVE whether you're on a budget, renting or a homeowner. You just need some practical tips to get creative!


What's going on in December 2019:


In with the co-author + then the editor:

Your very own 2020 Sprung Cleaning Checklist

For people who never seem to get around to Spring Cleaning in erm.. Spring


November goods!

The Decluttering Book

For people who are ready to declutter


Currently writing behind the scenes:

Put your home on Auto-Pilot: how to create systems that work harder than you!

ETA 2020



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