A step-by-step guide to get the house ready for Xmas

A free mini-book explaining what you should ideally clean – and what you can ignore!

Broken down by months, check out the not-so-usual items to clean to get the biggest impact for the least amount of time (and also those annual tasks which you didn’t get around to in Spring…)


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Hi, I'm Bec!

Professional Organiser and lover of all things home. I believe you can create a home you LOVE whether you're on a budget, renting or a homeowner. You just need some practical tips to get creative!

What's going on in 2020:


Just landed!

Your very own 2020 Sprung Cleaning Checklist

For people who never seem to get around to Spring Cleaning in erm.. Spring


What I teach my clients on our Initial Consult

The Decluttering Book

For people who are ready to declutter

(DIY at a fraction of the price)


Currently writing behind the scenes:

Put your home on Auto-Pilot: how to create systems that work harder than you!

ETA Autumn 2020


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