Bec Bradshaw is an author, home organiser, and cleaner who loves to help powerhouse humans.

You CAN achieve the calm home environment you dream of through systems that think for you.

Bec specialises in teaching people how to build their home team and reduce the daily overwhelm. You can too by adopting simple, yet effective tools to put your home on auto-pilot.

Here you will find her books, based on experience from working with 100’s of clients over the last 7 years.

Cut through the mental workload. Reduce stress. Get your weekends back.

The Holy Grail of Finding (and Keeping) an Awesome Cleaner

Are you looking for a cleaner who transforms your home and takes items OFF your To-Do List?

For most people, hiring a cleaner can feel like Mission Impossible. And to find an AWESOME one feels like the hunt for the Holy Grail — but trust me, IT’S NOT AS TRICKY AS YOU THINK.

And I am not talking about interviewing 100 cleaners either, I mean giving you the toolkit to identify an awesome cleaner from the start who will go above and beyond for your home.

I have cracked to code and have been putting this into practice for the past 7 years.

About You:

  • No time

  • Don’t want to spend your weekend cleaning

  • LOVE a clean home, not matter how busy you get

  • Want to find an AH-MAZING cleaner

The thing about finding an awesome cleaner is that most people go about it in the wrong way.

With a few simple tweaks, you can feel EMPOWERED and KNOW how to spot an awesome cleaner, rather than feeling disappointed and frustrated.

What’s in this book…

How to spot cleaners upfront that don’t care

How to communicate effectively with your cleaner

How to deal with the awkwardness when it’s not working out

How to search for an awesome cleaner

How to spot an awesome cleaner before you call them

How to find a cleaner who is the right fit for you

How to know if you are being charged fairly

How to keep an awesome cleaner once you find one

How to Do a MASSIVE chuck of the Stuff in your Home (a.k.a delcutter and restore order) 

For the homes that are drowning in too many “miscellaneous” drawers and cupboards full of junk.

About You:

  • ZERO head space to deal with the overflowing cupboards

  • Scared of going into certain rooms because of the tsunami of “STUFF”

  • Agree that a clear space equals a clear mind

  • Have been putting it off for months

Dropping Soon!

COMING SOON! (ETA early December)

Put Your Home on Auto-Pilot with Systems that think harder than You

Washing. Wardrobes. Shoes. And that pesky Tupperware section. Organising a space that works for you takes planning and understanding how YOU use the space. If you have bought one too many tubs from Kmart and still are pulling your hair out as to why the house looks like a tip, this one is for you.

About You:

  • Over yelling at the family to put their stuff away (somewhere, anywhere!)

  • Nothing has a home, not matter how hard you try 

  • Think Pinterest is a blatant lie

  • Needed a calmer home. Yesterday

Dropping Soon!

COMING SOON! (before Xmas 2018)

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Get your weekends back.