Hi, I’m Bec

I am a writer, aged 35, and really want to get a dog (ETA 2022).

I live in Newcastle, Australia and (literally) love long walks on the beach listening to podcasts.

I am a former IT project manager, call centre person, bartender, several other crappy job titles I quit the same day and barely have a memory of, and a very long time ago completed a chef’s apprenticeship. I still do NDIS work on the side, helping out amazing ladies in the community who are an inspiration.

I am endlessly grateful that I had the opportunity to attend university where I completed a Bachelor of Psychology and then (because I had no idea what else to do at the time) a Masters of Business. I now have a crippling student debt which I try not to think about.

I blog on here and write ebooks. The blog reaches a few thousand each month and I love creating new articles. I write in the form of ebooks because I love quick, condensed information. I am also all for the instant gratification of the direct download – all in one spot and the handy Ctrl+ f to find exactly what I need.

I still get served up the phrase “when are you going to get a real job?” and other such circular conversations. A real job is one that you make money from. I am incredibly happy with what I do now and hope that it gives other people either some form of self-help or at least a way to entertain time here on earth.

If you met me, you may think I am either bubbly or quiet. Some days I am in flow and other days I need more coffee. Or champagne.

I started The Everyday Organiser as a cleaning business in 2012. And I freaking loved it. The freedom of time and managing a fabulous set of clients was awesome. I still don’t understand why people think cleaning is a low-skill, dead-in-the-water job. It pays well and teaches you amazing skills about business.

The business then morphed from cleaning to organising. Decluttering, putting things into cute containers and sticking a label on them. This was great until it came to a point where my lower back was making me choose on how to proceed – keep doing strenuous physical jobs resulting in surgery or try doing something a little more low-key?

There was also the underlying reason of why people were hiring me. The very real lack of time and mental space to think about their homes. Who was looking into that?

The world is getting busier and the phrases “just slow down” and “self-care” wear pretty thin. Lighting a candle and putting on a face mask feels like a chore, and usually delays all the other stuff I am weeks behind on. I am all for relaxing and switching off, but can someone please unstack the dishwasher?

Home should be where we recharge, prance around in our birthday suit, and bake delicious cookies. But home is also where we try to juggle the endless, tedious tasks of life admin. Often with some Academy Award winning arguments along the way. 

My goal is to create tools for you to think about what you want and what you need. To bring clarity to your day-to-day, cut down the hidden mental to-do list of life admin, and free up space (both physically, and mentally) so that you can think about more interesting things other than ‘when was the last time the bedsheets were changed?’

I hope that the ebooks and blogs on this site help you to navigate this busy and often super judgey world.

I want you to design a home that works for you.

Your way, and in a style that only you can pull off. 

We don’t have to do it alone. We were never meant to.

– Brene Brown