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About The Everyday Organiser


Order vs chaos. Bit of a fine line, isn’t it?

While juggling careers and families (and, let’s face it, sometimes our sanity), it’s easy for the chaos to creep into our homes without us even noticing. (Ah, those sneaky little things!)

Finding the time to restore order and get on top of the everyday tasks can seem impossible.

Well. That is, until we came along.

We at The Everyday Organiser exist to redefine the way you think about “organisation”. To us, being organised isn’t a chore. It’s a lifestyle choice for those who know the importance of living in a refreshed, calm and clutter-free environment.

By tapping into your brain’s love of order and habit, we bring clarity to your day-to-day, cut down the mental housekeeping, and free up space (both physically, and mentally) so that you can finally go on that family vacation (without the guilt), and enjoy doing what you love (without feeling like you have to do the chores first).

Because who said your home can’t run on autopilot?

About the Founder

Bec Bradshaw; aka. The tamer of your stuff.

Our founder Bec followed a bit of an untraditional path to being The Everyday Organiser (although some may argue that growing up in a large family full of strong women was the perfect instigator for craving order amongst the chaos!)

Bec’s penchant for order and process runs deeeeep. As if completing a Medical Science (major in Psychology) at Monash University and a Masters in Business from University of Sydney wasn’t enough, she also juggled academia with running her own cleaning business on the side.

Following University, she went on to work in the corporate world as a Project Manager in an IT consultancy for a number of years. However, little did she know that the long hours that came with working in corporate meant the mental overwhelm that she felt with not being able to be on top of it all.

Surely she wasn’t the only one – she thought.

And she was right.

By bucking the trend (as she is known to do), she decided to take the plunge as the corporate square peg to create an autopilot home system solution designed for other go-getters so that more time is ensured to focus on what matters most.

Applying her academic, real-world business and corporate knowledge,  she intertwined her unique skills to identifying problems, untangling the mess and making things work not only better, but smarter.

So, The Everyday Organiser was born.

Cue the hallelujahs.

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