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YouTube is a little pocket of the world where you can find your tribe, see masters at work, and open a portal to a world you never knew about!

Here are 5 of my favourite YouTube channels that will simply make you feel better, show you something new, and connect you with more people like you!


1. Bernadette Banner

Bernadette lives in New York city and is a delight to watch. Follow her as she explores historical garments – making them and researching them. The complexity of her sewing projects is astounding and her general demeanor is lovely to watch. Also be sure to check out the Peacock Dress project with the eloquent Cathy Hay.


2. Young Bloods

Brodie Moss is an Aussie larrikin who will take you into the ocean and show you the vastness of the Australian landscape. Hop on his boat and head out into the ocean for fishing trips and lots more. At the end of each episode you’ll want a fish buttie and start planning your next Australian holiday!


3. Baumgartner Restoration

Julian Baumgartner is a master of his craft. If you always thought historical artworks all looked a bit too errrm dark, you need to watch this. Julian brings artworks and masterpieces back to life and the transformations are next level. He also has ASMR videos, but all of his videos are equally relaxing and fascinating. Keep an ear out for the subtle burns he hands out for poor restoration techniques (his dry sense of humour is hilarious).


4. Binging with Babish

This is no regular cooking channel. Babish takes the meals and dishes used in movies and TV shows and tries to recreate them. Often producing the “TV version” first and then producing his own (often much better) version. Great for those who love yummy food – even if you don’t like to cook. He also has a ‘Basics with Babish’ series for those wanting to learn how to make the yummy dishes we know and love. 

His soothing voice and dry sense of humour will keep you watching. 


5. Haegreendal

A vlogger and homemaker based in South Korea and possibly the most relaxing channel on Youtube. Expertly crafted videos with strong ASMR vibes and cooking sessions, this channel is all about living the simple life. No fluff, no fuss. 

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