4 things to do immediately after you move in

Congrats on your new home! Whether you’re moving out for the first time, have bought the first or forever home, moved into a new rental, or you’re being a smart cookie and saving your pennies (a.k.a serious cash) by moving back in with the parentals, these tips are to help you get set up and back to life as you know it!

Get the beds set up

The first thing after moving all your stuff and realising that no system will deal with all of “this” (waves hands over the towers of boxes) is to set up the beds. You will be pooped by the end of the day and arguing with a threenager at 6:30 at night is not for the faint-hearted. Put the beds back together with screws or at least plonk the mattress down where you intend the bed to go. 

A tip when packing up the bed linen: try to put fresh sheets on a day or two before the move and then swoop the whole bed linen set – pillows included – into the fitted sheet. You can carry it in a large IKEA bag or pop it in a box with some other bedroom items. Just make sure you clearly label the box so it’s easy to find. It makes life SO easy at the new place. 

Setting the beds up also means you will instantly get an idea of the space in the room and where all the other items and furniture pieces can go. And it’s a quick win on the board and you’ll love that feeling of completion ahead of the long process of unpacking. 

Put everything in its intended room on moving day

Once you get to the new place with the moving truck, you will quickly realise that any orderly unpacking you dreamed of has all but gone. Chaos ensues – even for the most organised of us! As time is money with most removalists, focus on getting your stuff out of the truck so the truck can move on and is not blocking the road. Once everything is in the house, in the most organised way you can manage, focus on putting the items and furniture in their “forever” rooms. This includes putting everything that needs to go upstairs, up there and everything that needs to go in the home office in the office space. 

Putting items in their rooms means that you can assign one person to organise each room or if it’s just you, work your way around the house in stages. You will absolutely organise and reorganise as you unpack, particularly if you are in a small space. But having everything handy in one room means you won’t be tripping over everyone and everything else in the house!

Get the kitchen essentials in drawers and appliances out

Okay so beds are set up, everything that needs to go upstairs is up and all the bathroom crap is out of the hallway. Next is getting the kitchen set up, as this is what you will need once you head back to work and school. Hopefully, you have labelled your boxes so you know where the kitchen essentials are so you can easily find all the key pieces. Plug in the electricals, put the cutlery away in the drawer (even if you need to buy a new cutlery tray, just get it in there and away) and all the food items in the pantry. You may play around with the layout and organisation as you go, but the focus is to try and get rid of the bulky packing boxes and ensure that 90% of your stuff fits in your new space. If it doesn’t fit, it’s a red flag that you may need additional storage or get creative by putting your larger platters or large appliances in another location.

Get accustomed to the space before making exy investments

Humans tend to panic when our usual way of doing things ain’t what it used to be. This is highlighted when people move as “they always have the baking foil 3rd drawer down”. When moving into your new place, get creative about where things go and how to make the spaces work for you. Old ways may have suited the last place, but simply may not be practical in the new home. Be open-minded about where items can find a new home and if you’re renting, pop any extras away in a storage cupboard as you may need them at the next place!

This also applies to fixtures. You may have wanted new blinds yesterday, but holding off for at least a few days to see how the light works and if the room is fit for purpose (you may want to switch your Master Bedroom for a back room if the traffic and lights are too much at the front of the house!) before making an investment is often worth the wait. A sheet with some tacks can do the job in the interim. 

If you do decide you need new storage items, always measure the space before you purchase. Finding just that right item for the space will pay off in dividends every time you use it. I have seen waaay too many examples of people buying things for their new home in a panic and then later regretting it. It can wait. Take your time with it!