As we spend more and more time at home at this crazy and really hard time, I have put together a list of chores that don’t require too much mental workload. 

Perfect for when you need to get off the couch or away from the office chair and do something.  Put a podcast, some music, or Will and Grace in the background. Get the kiddos involved or use it as a bit of me time. 

The best part is that the work develops before your eyes – giving you an instant feeling of accomplishment (which is a human need).


1. Declutter your fridge door

Magnets are practical. Take away menus from 2016 aren’t.

Strip your fridge door, wipe it down and then only put the items you need back on it.

Or opt to go with a naked fridge door like Vogue editor, Anna Wintour – I’m just totally guessing she doesn’t “do” fridge magnets.


2. Wash your guest bed linen

If you haven’t had someone stay for 6 months or haven’t changed it since the last guest left over Xmas (oops), this is your cue.

Strip the bed, wash the sheets and make it all fresh. Also great if you need a night away from your partner during this period.  


3. Wash your doonas and quilts

Winter is en route, so now is the time to get ahead of the game. For feather quilts opt for a lower spin cycle so you don’t crush the feathers.

Do this on a sunny day if you can to make your life easier! 


4. Give your garden a haircut and a weed 

Weeds all through the pavers? Shrubs haven’t had a trim since errrm 2003 (?). Tiles could do with a gurney? If you haven’t ventured into the garden for a working bee for a while, now is your time to shine. A bit of vitamin D will also be good for your body. 


5. Declutter your books

A little bit tricky for some, but if you know you’ve been meaning to get rid of a bunch now is your time. Pop the books you no longer need in a handy pile for donation. Blog here.


6. Spring clean your home

Put a podcast on and get physical! Go room by room.  Pretend you are seeing the room for the first time and create a checklist (with cute little checkboxes) of what needs to be done. What looks a bit meh?

Marks on walls, dust in hard to get to spaces?

Get into all the nitty gritties that you’ve gotten used to, but still annoy you on a cellular level. Check out my Spring Cleaning ebook (it’s free).


7. Declutter your makeup

I think we are all guilty of keeping makeup and skincare we no longer need. Got a new routine? Bottles with scarics of lotions left in them? Products waaaay past their use-by date?

As we age and move through phases, our needs change. Edit your collection to keep up with what you need.


8. Go through your paperwork

Chuck anything you no longer need.


Details that are now online.

Documents that used to be important, but aren’t anymore.


Notepads that are full and no longer needed.

Bills that have been paid.

Reduce and recycle. You don’t have to organise it, just get rid of the rubbish.


9. Declutter your shoes

Time to say goodbye to the ratty ballet flats who made their last journey home at 12am 4 years ago.

Donate shoes that are past their use-by date or you simply don’t wear anymore. 


10. Go through your junk cupboards

This might be the hallway cupboard, under the stairs, or the loft.

Pull it AAAALL out and ditch anything you no longer need. Items that are broken, useless or move items that need a more accessible home so you can actually use them!

It will get real messy before it gets cleaner, but you will actually know what you have tucked away in there.


11. Organise the games cupboard

Stuff falling out of the cupboard everytime you open the door? Pens, keychains and all sorts of things mixed in there? Been there, done that.

Pull everything out and put everything back in their original boxes. Stack or line up the boxes for better access. No promises how long this will stay organised if you have the kids at home, but it will make you feel better. 


12. Declutter the kids toys

This one is about getting rid of the low hanging fruit, not choosing between Woody and Buzz. Assess toys that the kids have outgrown, broken, or never used. Bundle up the toys you want to pass onto a new home and put them in a handy spot with a big “Donate” sign tape tight on them (other kids will love them!).


13. Actually donate that bag of clothes that has been in your car boot for the last 6.2 months

Google where dropoff points are in your area. And if you can’t drop off just yet, know where they are. 


14. Clean out your car

A Maccas receipt from 2017? Who put that there? Crazy!


15. Do nothing, think nothing

You’re allowed to snuggle up to a good book, a Netflix show, or try your hand at baking for the first time. Self care is all the little things we do for ourselves which is perhaps more important than ever right now. Self love is addressing our feelings and sitting with them and working them out. You may be feeling a range of emotions and that’s okay. It can be a wild and hard ride. Be kind to yourself and take a break – or just stop – when you need to.


Take care of yourself physically and mentally in the coming months. It’s hard, but I know you can do hard things. 


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